37 Flirty Texts That Will Make His Jaw Drop

Confused? Just remember that texting is nothing more than the intimate sharing of thoughts. These words are actually thoughts, feelings, and observations that give us keen insight into who we are, and the person we’re talking to. Thoughts that we might not be so inclined to share in person.

You might even say texting is the closest thing to mind reading we have, short of visiting a psychic.

Now if you’re thinking to yourself, “Huh I’ve never personally been that turned on at a guy messaging me saying, “YO WHERE U AT?”

Or of course, my favorite, “EY WUT U WEARING?”

Of course not and that’s because a good 75 percent of the population (probably more) doesn’t know how to write, or converse, or flirt, or build anticipation and attraction!

But you do. You’re intelligent, you’re seductive by nature and you understand the power of feminine attraction. If you’ve visited my website then you probably understand what I’m referring to.

Namely that men respond to women who are feminine, who like men to chase them, and who consistently challenge a man’s ego to try a little harder to wow them.

Get Ready For A Sexy Journey Through The Universe of Flirting

So with that said, together with your charming and beguiling personality, and with this medium of “texting” – a quick way to share thoughts and feed into each other’s passions and imaginations we’re going to have a lot of fun in this special post. This is the first one of a 3-part series that I’m sure you gals will enjoy a lot!

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