37 Flirty Texts That Will Make His Jaw Drop

We’re going to cover 37 sexy, flirty and “magic” things to text to a man that will quickly have him going crazy for you. Even if you think he’s not that into you right now, I assure you if you send him some of these texts, and better yet put your own personalized spin on it, he will start to see you in a different light.

Let’s organize each section of texts according to some fundamentals of how to connect with a man the right way with just one text thought.

I have personally used these techniques back when I met Mark, then when we were dating, and even today (we’re engaged!) I send him texts that follow the guidelines below since, we can all agree, texting “Can u go get some groceries?” to your guy is not really helping light any romantic fires…

Phase 1: Take the extra time to craft a unique message that grabs his attention.

The best way to differentiate yourself from other girls and prove yourself to be the higher caliber woman you are is to say something new and unique—unlike anything anyone else has been texting him.

Most girls usually wait for a man to text them, and they respond with just a few lines or maybe a LOL. This is your chance to shine by writing more than just a mindless “tweet” and actually say something that resembles a real life, flirty conversation.

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