Is Three Company… Or A Crowd? 3 Spicy Tips To Add An Extra Partner To The Bedroom

Hello Love Life ICU Readers!

I know, threesomes are one of those titillating topics that get people talking. Yet many don’t know whether they should add them to their sex life or what’s the best way to go about it.

Please read on as I try to dish out some advice on having a ménage à trois. Now, full disclosure, Mark and I have never done this, even when we were single, but we do talk about it from time to time and I’ve done some research on this subject.

So what I am going to be revealing here doesn’t come from personal experience, but it’s rather based on personal accounts from friends and Love Life ICU readers as well as expert advice from renowned sex therapists like Felicity Keith.

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Why Threesomes?

Now, you must be wondering why I’m talking about threesomes today, right? Well, the main reason is the following message I received from a ‘naughty’ Love Life ICU reader a couple of weeks ago:

“Hi Romina, What is your opinion on threesomes? Do you have any good information on them? My husband and I have talked about threesomes being a fantasy of ours. But if we are ready to actually take the step to try one, where should we start? Any advice?”

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