Dirty Talk 101: 7 Erotic Tips To Drive Any Man Wild Just Using Words

“Talk dirty to me…”

It’s the title of rock and pop songs…

It’s something you’ve probably been asked to do…

And maybe you fumbled around with trying to come up with a response…

Maybe you just changed the subject and hoped he didn’t ask again!

No matter how you personally feel about talking dirty, you totally get that guys love dirty talk. Mark, of course, loves it when I do it, especially when I whisper into his ear… then lick his neck… He immediately gets goosebumps!

But have you ever wondered “how exactly do I talk dirty to him without embarrassing myself?”

Look no further as I’m here to give you the low-down on the dirty. First, you just need to know that he loves it when you talk dirty. This gives you an unfair advantage over him. It’s sort of like having advanced sexy ninja skills to make him putty in your presence.

Come with me as we uncover the specifics of how to drive any men wild with dirty talk!

Crazy video: Make any man OBSESSED with you without touching him…

1. Be Lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets (Yes, really!)

If you have a ladylike public persona but behind closed doors you let explicit phrases tumble from your mouth, the contradiction gives him a big charge of excitement. He knows that he is the only one who gets to see this naughty side of you. Like he’s the one who inspires you to be uninhibited and that’s intoxicating to his ego.

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