Dirty Talk 101: 7 Erotic Tips To Drive Any Man Wild Just Using Words

And even if you aren’t the pinnacle of propriety, seeing you transform into a dirty little vixen for his eyes only gives him a titillating thrill. This heightens all of his senses and makes everything that much more arousing for him. I just LOVE the way Mark looks at me when I do that!

2. Make him feel like a rockstar sex god from Mars

When you let loose with a string of moans and screams mixed with a variety of sexy play-by-plays and dirty directives, you show him just how much you f***ing LOVE what he’s doing to you. Your unbridled expressions of bliss tell him in no uncertain terms that he’s rocking your socks.

You see, men are hard-wired in their brains to please us sexually. This goes all the way back to caveman days. However, in modern life, there are so many mixed signals both genders give that can get in the way of him knowing he’s “done his job” of satisfying you. Dirty talk cuts right through all the gray and speaks to him clearly.

3. Slay him with your sexy confidence

A woman who can confidently use dirty talk to get what she wants in bed is downright seductive. Most men are helplessly drawn to women who aren’t afraid to express themselves sexually. He doesn’t have to play guessing games as to how to turn you on when you tell him exactly what you want.

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