Dirty Talk 101: 7 Erotic Tips To Drive Any Man Wild Just Using Words

And your use of dirty talk clues him in that you are far from uptight or inhibited. A good time is in store for you both!

4. Talk dirty to express your enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is such a huge turn-on for men. In fact, enthusiasm is consistently ranked as the #1 thing that makes a man feel like sex is awesome. Think about it, a quiet partner can be misunderstood as a bored or distracted partner, and that can put a big damper on the sexy mood. He ends up wondering if he’s pleasing you which can bring up insecurities for him.

When you talk dirty, not only are YOU 100% present and in the moment, it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are enjoying yourself. That level of engagement with what’s happening between you two validates that he’s pleasing you (refer to #2 above!).

All of the reasons above activate different chemicals in his brain and are hitting some of the big triggers for his sex drive. Who knew that there was some science behind talking dirty?

WARNING: The Dirty Talk Phrases You Will Learn On This Video Have Been Designed To Hit The Masculine Mind Like A Drug…

Of course, not every woman feels comfortable launching into dirty talk, and if that sounds like you, you are not alone. If you’ve thought “I’m too shy to talk dirty!” or you simply want to know exactly how to talk dirty to a man, then please keep reading this post.

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