The Naughty Reason Why “ED” Doesn’t Have To Spell The E-N-D To Mutual Pleasure In Bed

Dearest Love Life ICU Readers,

We’ve all giggled at the goofy commercials but erectile dysfunction (ED) is a serious problem that affects nearly every relationship at some point.

So I would like to offer up some advice on the topic based on a message I received on my Facebook Page the other day:

“Hi Romina! Thank you so much for all the great stuff on your blog… I just recently started reading it and already can’t wait for the next post to come out! OK, here it is: I met the love of my life at age 59 and we are now engaged (he’s 58 & I’m 60). We are both fit, healthy & look much younger than our years. But we have a sexual problem, one that is very common to many.

My sweetheart has erectile dysfunction :-(. I bought medication for him but sadly it hasn’t worked. He goes above & beyond to satisfy me but I think it’s a bit of overkill. I get exhausted and so wiped out from aggressive oral & manual stimulation, sometimes twice a day but definitely every day.

I’ve discussed this with him and he tries to slow down a bit but goes right back after a few days. I tried explaining that, if he was able to perform regularly, he could NEVER keep up a schedule like that. Any suggestions for me? Please help!”

Wow! First of all, that is so wonderful to have a partner so committed to making sure you are sexually satisfied. However, what you describe above would be a bit of overkill for most women (ouch!).

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