The Naughty Reason Why “ED” Doesn’t Have To Spell The E-N-D To Mutual Pleasure In Bed

Our lady bits are the most sensitive part of our body and are home to over 8000 nerve endings all packed into one very small area. It’s pretty common to need some downtime after a round of focused stimulation. Plus, a climax itself can be emotionally (as well as physically) draining.

ED is a Serious Issue, But It Shouldn’t Consume Your Relationship

I definitely encourage you to explain that to him directly. Too much attention in that one glorious location can equal a whole lotta discomfort for you!

An important thing for you to understand as well is that ED can be a big blow to his self-esteem. For so many guys, his entire identity as a man is connected to his penis in some manner. And combine that with how much of his sexual self-worth comes from pleasing his woman… well, when the little guy isn’t cooperating, it can be devastating.

His over-eagerness to make certain you are satisfied in the Big O department is likely an effort to compensate for the ED and also to boost his confidence that he KNOWS he satisfies you.

The problem is that it sounds like in all of his effort to focus on you, ironically, he’s forgotten to check in and make sure you are actually enjoying yourself.

One question I have is whether you’ve tried more than just one type of ED medication? Because, like with so many medical and health issues, it can take some trial and error to find the right dosage or type of medicine that works. I definitely encourage you both to not give up!

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