What If Your Ex Was Really ‘The One’ For You? Answer This One Simple Question To Reveal The Truth

Do you have a big heart?

I mean, are you good at loving people?

If so, your ex would be crazy not to let you back into his life. Here’s why.

They say the meaning of life is to find your gift. And the true purpose of your life is to give it away.

But in order to give away your gift, someone must receive it.

So who should you give it to?

I think you already know the answer. But we’ll come back to that in just a sec. Because first I need to make a prediction.

I predict you already have a mental image of one man in your thoughts right now. As you read these words, you can picture his face.

But thinking of him brings up mixed emotions. Because you know how good you could be together. You know how much potential this relationship could have.

Yet there’s pain there too. And that pain comes from the fact that something is blocking you from giving away the greatest gift a person could ever receive. Your love.

(By the way, If you’d like to skip ahead to see my laser-targeted advice about getting your ex to talk to you again, check out James Bauer’s Relationship Rewrite Method here).

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20 thoughts on “What If Your Ex Was Really ‘The One’ For You? Answer This One Simple Question To Reveal The Truth

  1. my bf suddenly change but told me that he didnt fool me. i dont have to think that way he said. but why he doesnt communicate anymore. we’re LDR

  2. We have been together for 14 years last august we fought that lead him to go home to the province and up until now he never contacted me, last october his cousin texted me saying that we also need to talk but he never texted or called yet i still love him up until this day i cry at night.

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  3. My Ex and I were together for thirteen years, we were once engaged and I truly believe we we’re meant to b together. But in the last four years, my work and tending to my very sick elderly parents were a priority and just lost my bedridden Mom a month ago, I truly believed I cheated him, nagged him and was so stressed with my parents, anyway he is with someone else and it so kills my heart, what can I do to get him back in my life, I so pray everyday for a miracle.

  4. We were together 11 yrs. When he cheated. Split he came back 3 times and left each time to the one he cheated on me with. Last week they had a fight. They broke up. He came back. 2 days later back with her.

  5. Novexs worth going back for still wanting to find mr right time is running out i am 57 years old love with all my heart and soul not one time has it been returned always get burnt up and used

    1. Debbie, that sounds so awful and I am very sorry you haven’t found Mr. Right yet… What went wrong the last time you were in a relationship??

  6. I have had an extremely violent relationship with my ex but I had made him see councillors and he changed over a five year absence from the family home. We have twins together and I have given him a scold chance. Yes he is totally different and not violent at all, completely a changed man. I simply need to know these important thoughts and advice on how I can have happiness and love again in our relationship for myself and for our twins who are now aged 17 years old. Thank you and please forward any information to my email address. Andrea

    1. Andrea, your story sounds like it is actually very inspirational and I would love to hear more from you. Please send me a direct, private message at https://m.me/LoveLifeICU 💋😉❤️👍
      I can also give you the information that you need then. Thanks!

  7. My ex broke up with me on our 2 year anniversary and I asked what I had done wrong and he said nothing he just didn’t love me any more I hit rock bottom and last year he text me told me he was seeing someone else I wished him all the happiness in the world and said goodbye now this year on my birthday I had a letter in the mail saying that he was sorry for the way he treated me and he still loved me and other things k I told him how I felt like I never stopped loving him never fill out of love with him was always hoping for contact and now he’s gone quiet and I’ve been told that we are meant to be together but I don’t know how much more I can handle I miss him so much

    1. Hello Mandy,

      This is so odd… he sent you a letter in the mail? Then he just stopped all communication with you? Is he just ignoring your messages? Not answering your calls?

      Please give me more details. If you want to continue this conversation in private, please send me a message at https://m.me/LoveLifeICU 💋😉❤️👍.


      Romina at LoveLifeICU

  8. Married 41 yrs he asked if i ever had affair n i said yes 14 yrs ago i met a guy twice he left me a yr and a half later. I love him with every part of me i am broken, devestated..he says i am in his paat

    1. Hi Carol,

      I am so sorry to hear that your husband left… Is he still communicating with you at all? Or is he ignoring you whenever you try to contact him? If he still responding to your messages, then there is still hope to fix things. Please send me a direct, private message at https://m.me/LoveLifeICU 💋😉❤️👍 and we can discuss my ideas for you in more detail.


      Romina at LoveLifeICU

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