He Cheated, Now What?! The 15 Steps To Follow To Fix Your Broken Heart

Dear Love Life ICU family,

In my years as a Love and Romance blogger, I’ve seen countless people go through the sometimes devastating aftermath of infidelity. Of course, no two relationships are alike, and the immediate days and weeks following the discovery can be full of extremely strong emotions that vary by the minute. Will your relationship survive — and should it? Will you ever be able to trust him (or another guy) again — and would you want to? What does all of it mean, and how did your relationship get to this point? Was it ever what you thought it was? All of those questions will take time and exploration to answer.

Unfortunately, I have been there myself. Before I met Mark, my previous relationship ended because I found out he was cheating on me. Here and now, however, are the very same steps I followed during those dark times that helped me to get back on a solid path after feeling like the ground had been shaken under me. And I’m sure these steps will help you too…

1. Address your physical and logistical needs.

If there was an argument, do you have a safe place to sleep? Are there close friends or family that need to be on standby to help with logistical issues if you or your partner have decided to get some space from each other? Are there children or pets that need to be prioritized in order to not let things get outwardly explosive? The more intertwined your lives have become, the more mindful you need to be that as emotional as you may be feeling, there are logistical considerations to be taken care of so that you keep the nuts and bolts of your daily life stable.

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2 thoughts on “He Cheated, Now What?! The 15 Steps To Follow To Fix Your Broken Heart

  1. Hi Romina

    Thanks so much for the above post it’s all so true … I’d like to refer you to this comment wrt to the other post ‘the one last short formula’ which is so true but I would like to know if James method you talk about would consider doing small steps to erase bad emotions even when there’s infidelity on HIS part. I think he blames me for it so now he’s left coz there isn’t any love he has for me – he isn’t that type of person and associates his negative sad horrible life of infidelities with me. He feels if he stayed with me he’d have continued – now having left he doesn’t have to and he feels happier already without me 🙁

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