Reignite The Romance With Your Ex When He Understands This Game-Changing Principle

Ever catch yourself having these thoughts grinding inside your head?

If only your ex really understood what you want, his attitude would change instantly.

If he knew what you really wanted, he would stop ignoring your texts.

If he understood your motivation, he would be the one initiating contact.

If he could see how you really feel about him, he would realize you’re the one.

If you could just erase the past and start fresh, he would fall in love with you all over again.

In this short post, I’m going to look at each of these “problems,” so you can see how to use them to your advantage. Because each one is truly an opportunity in disguise…

Dear Love Life ICU readers,

I’m soooooo excited to share a method to help you reawaken the passion your ex once felt for you. A few years ago, Mark and I had a serious breakup, but I still loved him very much and so I used the exact method I describe here to jumpstart our dying romance… And it worked! Today we are engaged and happier than ever before!

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