The ‘One Last Shot’ Formula You Can Apply Today To Get Your Ex Back

My dearest Love Life ICU darlings,

If you had something beautiful going with your ex…

And you know you could be great together…

Then it’s worth taking one more shot at rekindling the romance with him. Because an emotional connection like that doesn’t happen every day. It’s worth fighting for.

If you want to skip ahead to see what some people are calling the “one last shot formula,” crafted by my personal hero and seasoned romance expert, James Bauer, then click here. Otherwise, hang tight and I’ll explain how this works.

Pause for just a minute to answer this question. What’s the one obstacle to getting back together with your ex? What’s the one thing getting in the way?

If you’re like most women James has consulted with, your answer would go something like this: “The biggest obstacle is getting past his emotional walls.”

You see, the problem isn’t making him love you again. Your history together proves there’s already enough chemistry. Nope. That’s not the problem.

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2 thoughts on “The ‘One Last Shot’ Formula You Can Apply Today To Get Your Ex Back

  1. You are so right – he has already decided not to give me a chance 🙁 so question is how does one do this post him feeling bad emotions and when you find out so much betrayal and lies? I’m willing to forgive him when he’s done way more wrong but yet he isn’t the one begging me to comeback to him and forgive him 🙁

    Hi Romina

    Thanks so much for the above post it’s all so true … I would like to know if James method you talk about would consider doing small steps to erase bad emotions even when there’s infidelity on HIS part. I think he blames me for it so now he’s left coz there isn’t any love he has for me – he isn’t that type of person and associates his negative sad horrible life of infidelities with me. He feels if he stayed with me he’d have continued – now having left he doesn’t have to and he feels happier already without me 🙁

    When all this happened I stuck around first but I think I was too angry and in damage mode so I went away for 5months and hadn’t really spoken to him. In other words I took 5months implementing working on myself like most courses suggest. It was healthy because I didn’t see him, feel desperate, needy, I did therapy and courses and read tons of books relationships based as well as general self help life books etc.

    When I returned I felt we both in healthier space. I still didn’t talk to him but when he did open up like about work etc I used this opportunities to relate. In other words I had not asked about stuff in the 5m and now I felt I was post that and going to the next stage as re-establishing contact wasn’t hard coz we have kids and ofcrs we would see each other.

    So I used other opportunities to connect for eg he’d mention needing help with kids because of work meetings, travel trips etc; I didn’t go into hectic conversation it was pleasantries. Also I felt good at it coz I did it genuinely from a place of who I am meaning it wasn’t to chase him or get him back – that’s being bubbly me with anyone of my acquaintances showing genuine curiosity.

    When he did respond back or smile or being positive I felt ok he’s cool and I’m cool and we getting into a better space. Now it turns out he’s sent me a note that he doesn’t even ‘want that’ – that since we going through a divorce we should act divorced – he doesn’t consider me a friend to even answer such questions in a general friendly response and that he only answers me coz he too hates telling someone ‘it’s none of your business’.

    That he’s happy to treat me with kindness and respect to extent I’m mother of his kids but he doesn’t even realize that for last 2yrs he’s just been so self-absorbed he sees nothing positive about me: I think I offered him genuine kindness (when he didn’t deserve it) but I did it because in the end that’s just who I am 🙁

    How can I now even use James method? It can’t work coz he’s making use of text messages to advanced techniques as you point out but how can I when my ex has blatantly told me that even the odd chats I do here and there one liners still doesn’t respect his boundaries ? 🙁

    1. Wow! Lots to discuss here… Please let’s continue this conversation at as I would love to help you get him back!💋😉❤️👍 I believe we need to work a different angle here given his infidelity…

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